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Sunday Quran and Arabic School for your child

Quakers Hill Arabic School

The mission of the Holy Prophet (S) marks the beginning of a historical movement for fashioning Godly human beings and for founding great human societies on the basis of the sublime criteria of Islam. Though it marks the beginning of this historical movement, it was also a point of climactic end in the history of prophetic missions.

During those days human history had reached a point that it could learn its ultimate lesson from its final teacher, a lesson always as much productive and dynamic, and every day turning a fresh leaf to humanity. This is itself a miraculous quality of Islam and the Quran that in spite of being the ultimate religion it is also ever alive and fresh, capable of not only moving in step with the movement and growth of human societies and the development of culture and civilization, but also infused with the capacity to induce dynamism and movement. It is so resourceful that it can always cater to the needs of changing times and newly arising problems.

Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia (Quakers Hill Masjid) runs Sunday Quran and Arabic Classes for children from 09:00am to 12:30pm every Sunday during school terms. For datails please visit www.qharabicschool.com.au.

To enroll your child, please contact brother Mohammad Azom on 0411 337 146 or brother Youssef Hassan on 0450 505 069.


Sunday Quran and Arabic School for your child


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